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Welcome to Home Hill Backpackers

30 Ninth Street, Home Hill, QLD, 4806

Thank you for your enquiry. Currently we are looking for young, physically fit, enthusiastic workers for the planting season.

Please read below for more information about our hostel and details about upcoming work in the Burdekin region.


NB: the climate, weather, crop disease and market price can affect hours worked

All planting, picking and shed work is paid by the hour, except for the chilies, which farmers pay by contract i.e. paid by the kilogram.

  • Casual hourly rate of pay is $24.80

The farmer will pay your wage directly into your bank account weekly and provide pay slips.

Farm Work in Home Hill

The crops grown in our region are capsicums, chilies, eggplant, pumpkins, watermelons, rock melons, limes and mangoes.

We are a working hostel and our annual season begins in February and goes right through the year to December.

  • Planting season: February – July Average hours per week 35 - 40
  • Harvest season: May – December Average hours per week 35 – 56
  • Mango season: October – December Average hours per week 40 – 60

Work Attire

You will need the following attire for work in this region; compulsory for your health and safety:

  • Hat – wide brim straw hat is the best but other hats are acceptable
  • Shirt – long sleeve shirt with a collar and also high visual colour
  • Pants – long trousers, leggings or shorts are acceptable
  • Shoes – closed-in shoes e.g. trainers or boots. NO flip-flops, thongs or sandals
  • Water Container – at least a 5-Litre container. 5-Litre water containers are the best. They are the healthiest and will keep your drinking water cool.

Documents You Will Need

You will need the following documents upon checking into our hostel:

  • Passport – we will photocopy this on check in
  • Current Working Visa – we will photocopy this on check in. If electronic – email then print
  • Tax File Number – apply online from the Australian Tax Office
  • Bank Account Details – make sure you have a bank account set up in Australia so your wages can be paid into it

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Our Hostel - Location

We are located in sunny North Queensland. The closest airport to our hostel is TOWNSVILLE, and from here it is only a 1-hour bus trip south to Home Hill.

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30 Ninth Street,

Home Hill, QLD, 4806

0439 826 758

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